Existing and future projects
Presentation Agenda
Mykolaiv Existing Project
Types of panels produced on existing project

Equipment used in existing project

Location of existing project
Future Project
Location of Future Project
Equipment used in future project
Construction stage of future project
Mykolaiv Existing Project
The production of polyurethane sandwich panels started in 2015. It was including only Wall and Roof PUR/PIR panels. In 2018, we started manufacturing of Mineral Wool and EPS Roof and Wall panels. Right now Termo-Bud has 3 offices that are located in Mykolaiv, Lviv and Kyiv.

Types of panels produced in Mykolaiv
Polyurethane (PUR) Wall/Roof Sandwich Panels
PIR (Polyisocyanurate) Wall/Roof Sandwich Panels
Mineral Wool and EPS Roof/Wall Sandwich Panels
PIR Insulation Boards
The general line was launched in 2015 with a help of "Puma". In 2018, an additional equipment from "Kronn Srl" has been added for mineral wool sandwich panels. In 2020, with a help of ukrainian and polish engineers, the possibility for PIR Insulation Board production has been added. Also, in 2021 the by-pass conveyor for the panels has been bought, but unfortunately it is not possible to deliver it right now due to war.
The factory is located nearby Odessa in Mykolaiv city. For a detailed information click here.
Future Project
A completely new factory with new technologies that will be located nearby Kyiv
New Factory is located nearby Kyiv (30 km away). You can find it here.

A 3D visualization of the future project
At the beginning, we will have the combi-line which will produce Mineral Wool, PUR, PIR sandwich panels and PIR Insulation Boards.
You will be able to download more detailed view later in this presentation.
Later, the second line only for mineral wool will be added, so we will move the mineral wool section from the Polyurethane line and make a dedicated line out of it, so the dedicated second line will make only Mineral Wool Panels, and the first one only PUR/PIR panels.
Download Layout
After a long discussion with polish, ukrainian and italian engineers that are specializing in sandwich panels and sandwich panels lines, we have created an ideal solutions for our future project.
All equipment will be provided by Italian manufacturer of sandwich panel lines "Robor Srl"
Currently, we ended up installing metal constructions and we forecast that we will end up closing the building approx. in 4 month from now. Also, we were forecasting the launch of the production line in March 2023, but unfortunately due to the situation that is happening right now, the project might be late for 3-4 month.
Thank you for your attention.
For more detailed information about line, you can ask Robor or us questions if you have them.

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